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Baseball fans are convinced Hector Neris drilled Nolan Arenado with pitch on purpose (Video)

Baseball fans are totally convinced Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Hector Neris beaned St. Louis Cardinals slugger Nolan Arenado on purpose to make up for Bryce Harper getting drilled in the face on Wednesday night.

Tensions were high on the St. Louis Cardinals‘ home series vs. the Philadelphia Phillies, as Phillies pitcher Hector Neris hit Cardinals third baseman late in the ballgame on Thursday afternoon.

Cardinals skipper Mike Shildt was beside himself after his best player got beaned by Neris. Thus, he was swiftly ejected. While Neris is effectively wild to put it mildly, he did hit Arenado late in the contest with the game tied on the road. One could argue this was the Phillies getting back at the Cardinals for drilling outfielder Bryce Harper in the face last night. Did Neris do this intentionally?

Here is a video of Neris beaning Arenado so you can decide for yourself on this important matter.

Baseball fans believe Hector Neris hit Nolan Arenado on purpose Thursday

So Cardinals fans are mad about their star third baseman getting plunked intentionally, even though the Redbirds won the game 4-3 in extra innings.

As for Phillies fans, Neris is becoming somewhat of a cult hero for having Harper’s back like this.

The weird thing in all of this is the timing of the alleged intentional beaning, as this game was tied at the time Neris’ offering firmly struck Arenado in the right side of the batter’s box.

While Philadelphia gains a new cult hero, Arenado will have a nasty bruise to look at for a while.

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