MLB, MLBPA extend Trevor Bauer’s administrative leave 2 more weeks

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will be placed on administrative leave until July 27 as Pasadena Police Department and MLB investigate sexual assault allegations.

Trevor Bauer has not pitched in a game for the Los Angeles Dodgers since June 28 after some disturbing sexual assault allegations came to light. He was initially placed on administrative leave for seven days, but it has since increased. Now, Bauer’s leave has extended even further.

According to ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan, Bauer’s administrative leave has been extended until July 27 upon agreement by the MLB and MLB Player’s Association, as the league and Pasadena Police Department continue to investigate the allegations.

Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s administrative leave extended until July 27

As Passan notes, Bauer is still getting paid by the Dodgers as he is on administrative leave, where he makes around $1.5 million a week.

A woman filed a restraining order against Bauer to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, where she alleged that the pitcher sexually assaulted her. The disturbing details of the assault were revealed by The Athletic, where she said the pitcher gave her injuries that required hospitalization following their two encounters. You can read the full details of the allegations in the link above.

Bauer and his representation denied the allegations. After the allegations became public, the Dodgers were slated to have Bauer participate in his scheduled start on July 4 against the Washington Nationals. However, the league stepped in and placed the pitcher on paid leave for the initial seven days that has since increased over time.

A hearing is scheduled to be held on July 23 to see if the temporary restraining order filed by the woman will remain intact.

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