New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates start benches-clearing drama with Mets Marcus Stroman after line-out (Video)

The Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets got into a bench-clearing altercation after a line-out in the bottom of the fifth inning.

The game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets gave baseball fans some entertainment Friday night. The two teams were involved in a scuffle, which resulted in both benches clearing. The incident started between Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman and first basemen John Nogowksi.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Stroman threw a pitch the Nogowski that resulted in a line-out. Stroman seemed to react to the play, which the Pirates first baseman didn’t take too kindly. The two exchanged some words, and then the benches began to clear.

Pirates John Nogowski and Mets Marcus Stroman ignite bench-clearing altercation

After Nogowski and Stroman approached each other, the two exchanged more words before a shoving match ensued. The shoving didn’t last long, but both teams’ benches were clear, and everyone was on the field. After the pushing, Stroman was seen hunched over. Then he left the field and entered the dugout.

After the field was cleared and play resumed, Stroman and Nogowski were still going at it. The two were shouting at each other at the top of the sixth. A good lip reader can make out the words the two players are yelling at each other. Although the source of the brawl is still unknown, Stroman and Nogowksi provided MLB fans with a bit of excitement as baseball begins its second half of the season.

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