New Era upside down logo hats just dropped and MLB Twitter has had enough of this garbage

The backlash to the New Era upside down logo was swift and harsh from baseball fans sick of a year full of bad design drops.

What in the world was New Era thinking with its latest hat drop? They decided to release a new line of caps that they presumably thought that baseball fans across the country would love and jump to buy.

Except, that’s not the case. These hats, which feature ones that have the logos upside down, are nothing short of a nightmare. Do they expect people to spend around $40 a pop for these?

There’s no way that’s going to happen and the reactions on social media confirm that.

Baseball fans couldn’t be more upset about the New Era upside down logo hats

Can you blame folks for being so upset? With prices for hats being so high unless you hit it big with Bitcoin, are you really going to want to throw away $40 or so for these caps? No chance in heck. A quick look at Twitter confirms that for sure.

People are claiming that these are misprints and now New Era’s team is just trying to work overtime to make it work. Absolute gold here. Could it be that they’re just running out of ideas too?

Hey, consider us old fashion, but what’s wrong with just the normal team logo for a hat? You know what, it sounds so crazy it may just work. In all seriousness, New Era really dropped the ball here with this new idea. Whoever gave the green light might end up being unemployed here in the near future. We can do better than this folks. And if you’re ready to spend money on these, it’s time to fire your financial advisor.

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