Watch: Javy Baez had an epic taunt for Amir Garrett after walk off hit (Video)

The Javy Baez walk off against Amir Garrett featured the Cubs star taunting the pitcher into another dimension. 

Someone check on Amir Garrett’s ancestors, because even they felt the wrath of the Javy Baez walk off on Monday night.

The Chicago Cubs shortstop hammered a walk-off hit to give his team a win over Cincinnati. It was more than simply a walk-off, however, rather it was an exclamation point in an ongoing feud between Baez and the pitcher he handed the loss to.

A simple, yet reductive, way to put it is Baez has some serious bad blood with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Amir Garrett. Monday night is unlikely to be the end of things, but Baez no doubt delivered a shot that will be sure to stick with not only Garrett but the rest of the Reds for a while.

It’s not just that Baez walked off a win, it’s how he did it.

With the game tied and the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, Baez stepped to the plate as a pinch-hitter. Despite an injured heel, Baez clobbered a pitch from Garrett to deep centerfield, but stopped to admire the shot rather than run to first base.

In fact, Baez didn’t run at all. He walked all the way to first, jawing at Garrett the entire way and taunting him with every step he took closer to making the win official.

Javy Baez walk off featured an epic Amir Garrett troll

On its own, the walk-off is pretty epic. Baez is one of the most emotional players in baseball, so when he’s feeling it he’s feeling it. But this walk-off had some extra texture to it, as it’s the latest in a long line of bad blood incidents between Garrett and Baez.

Javy Baez Amir Garrett beef goes back a few years

Their feud dates back a few years, but the latest chapter came earlier this season Baez left the Cubs dugout and approached Garrett on the mound in Cincinnati after the pitcher jawed at Anthony Rizzo.

The Cubs are slated to be sellers at the trade deadline, and Baez is one of the many players who could be in a new uniform when the dust settles. This is why teams want him and why Cubs fans don’t want to see him go, as the Javy Baez experience is never dull or lacking in raw kinetic energy.

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