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MLB Playoff Picture: Giants become first team to clinch a playoff berth

The San Francisco Giants became the first team this season to secure a playoff berth. What does this achievement mean to the organization?

Sometimes being first feels good, well most of the time, that’s the case, and for the San Francisco Giants, that rings true after being the first team this season to obtain a post-season berth on Monday, Sep. 13.

Getting into the playoffs is always a huge feat, especially in the MLB when so few teams make it in. So for the Giants who haven’t played postseason ball since 2016, they deserved to celebrate. This was also the earliest they’ve gotten into the playoffs since 2012 when they won it last. And with their 95-50 record, it’s the earliest they’ve ever stamped a playoff birth (per

Watch Giants celebrating their playoff berth

Notwithstanding, the Giants understand that they don’t have the luxury of taking their feet off the gas pedal, as they can smell the Los Angeles Dodgers on their trail. The second-place Dodgers are only 2 1/2 games behind the Giants from the NL West lead. Should the Giants fall out of first place, while their playoff appearance is guaranteed, they will end up having to play in the Wild Card game — a scenario they’d hope to avoid.

After Monday night’s win, first baseman Brandon Belt, who homered in the game, said game, “we want to win the division. This is the first step, but we didn’t come here just to make it in. We came here to win the whole thing, so that’s what we’re looking forward to.”

Should the Dodgers rally to tie with the Giants by the regular season’s end, the Giants will maintain the NL West crown as they hold the tiebreaker.

An report noted that since 1995, of the 29 teams to have first dibs into the playoffs, only five of them made it to the World Series, four of the five won it, the 2012 Giants included. The 2021 Giants hope to add to that list.

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