Red Sox stuck between rock and a hard place with Triston Casas

While it would be an easy solution for the Red Sox to replace Bobby Dalbec with Triston Casas, it’s not the approach the organization wants to take.

Dalbec has been dreadful for the Red Sox this season in pretty much every statistical category. Despite an intriguing late-season surge in 2021, the transition into this season has no brought with it the same success.

It’s time for Boston to move on from Dalbec at first base, but the answer isn’t as simple as promoting stud prospect Triston Casas, as much as Boston fans may want to place him there right away. Chaim Bloom explained why the team is being patient with Casas, despite the team’s hitting struggles at the MLB level.

“He had a really interesting and great developmental year last year but just because of how it was broken up with the Olympics, the moving levels, he wasn’t necessarily in one place for long enough to really have the league make a lot of adjustments to him and then for him having to adjust in return,” Chaim Bloom said, per MassLive.

Are Red Sox taking right approach with Triston Casas?

The Red Sox want to make sure that when Casas reaches the big leagues, he stays there. That’s a fair approach to take given the number of top prospects who fail to play to their potential their first time around in the majors.

“One of the things about the game today more than at any point maybe ever, certainly at any point I’ve been in it, is when you get to the major leagues, there is already a book on you. We have a lot of information,” Bloom said. “And you will get attacked the way you should be attacked from pitch one.”

Considering Casas played in the Olympics, there is plenty of footage available on him. He’s an open book, and the Red Sox need to make sure he can adjust to opposing major-league pitchers on the fly before bringing him up a level.

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