New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals

Buck Showalter’s parting words could have impact on Cardinals-Mets rematch

With the New York Mets set to face off against the St. Louis Cardinals for the first time since their brawl, it’d be best for both teams to remember Buck Showalter’s comments after their recent drama.

A series of beanballs from both teams — which culminated in Nolan Arenado charging the mound on a pitch up and in — led to hefty fines and suspensions. The Mets finally had enough of being the most-hit team in the league, and took it out on the Cardinals the minute Arenado lost his cool.

Earlier in the series, Pete Alonso took an errant pitch to the head. While both dugouts were warned, nothing came of it. Showalter took note of the difference between the two players’ reactions after the series finale ended in a benches-clearing incident.

“I’ll let them handle their players,” Showalter said. “I know our player got hit in the head and went to first base.”

Buck Showalter’s comment should close door on Mets-Cardinals drama

Showalter essentially ended any feud — at least publicly — with the Cardinals in his postgame clubhouse comment. Assuming Oliver Marmol and the Cards hold up their end of the bargain, then any violence should be left in the past.

A four-game series is typically the longest baseball has to offer in the regular season (barring regular season makeup games and doubleheaders, of course). Any unnecessary shot, hit by pitch or hidden flare could bring all these memories from just a month ago back into focus.

But for now, at least on the surface, all is well with both teams.

The Mets just lost their first series of the season against the Mariners, and will surely want to right the ship and start a new streak. The Cards, meanwhile, hope to make up ground on the NL Central-leading Brewers.

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