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Braves: A Xander Bogaerts trade offer the Red Sox cannot refuse

The Atlanta Braves could be in the mix for an upgrade at shortstop, despite having Dansby Swanson on the roster. Could a Xander Bogaerts trade be looming?

Bogaerts would cost…quite a lot, especially if he’s willing to sign a long-term deal with Atlanta. The Braves would be banking on that, and likely wouldn’t consider trading for Bogaerts without some sort of assurance that he would negotiate a long-term contract.

Bogaers would likely cost somewhere within the $32 million-$33 million AAV range, and would be looking for a contract at least five years in length.

With all that in mind, how much would it cost for the Braves to acquire a player like Bogaerts?

Braves: What a Xander Bogaerts trade would look like

Per the headline of this article, it’s important to remember that the following would be a best-case scenario offer from the Red Sox point of view. To trade a player like Bogaerts when an extension is still well within their grasp (and when Bogaerts is having an MVP-like season) would cost Atlanta significant talent.

Braves Get

Xander Bogaerts

Red Sox Get

Dansby Swanson

Bryce Elder

Jesse Franklin V

Tyler Collins

Remember: Best-case scenario.

Trading Dansby gives the Red Sox an easy replacement for Bogaerts, and allows them to keep Trevor Story at second base.

Elder, meanwhile, is an MLB-ready starting arm, and ranks as the No. 5 prospect in the Braves system. He is not top-100 over in MLB, however, per MLB Pipeline.

Franklin is only 11th in the Braves system, but he’s coming off a near 20-20 season in the minors and could provide a fourth outfielder for a team that could use the depth, honestly. Collins is a high-upside 19-year-old who figures to be a climber in Atlanta’s system. He’s the wild card of this entire trade, as he already has electric speed the likes of a Jackie Bradley Jr. type in the outfield.

You read that correctly. It’s Dansby and two top-15 prospects, and another potential big leaguer down the road in Collins. Still, there’s no use for Swanson if the Braves trade for Bogaerts, so that’s a smart swap.

Atlanta would avoid trading their top-4 prospects.

Is it a lot? Absolutely, but that might be what it takes to pry Bogaerts from Boston and Chaim Bloom.

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