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Will MLB punish Josh Donaldson for Tim Anderson ‘Jackie Robinson’ comment?

Josh Donaldson admitted that he called Tim Anderson “Jackie Robinson” during the New York Yankees-Chicago White Sox game on May 21. Will MLB punish him?

The May 21 game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox was a tense one. There was an incident between Tim Anderson and Josh Donaldson, and an eventual altercation between the Yankees third baseman and Yasmani Grandal that led to the benches clearing.

After the game, White Sox manager Tony La Russa alleged that Donaldson had made a racist comment towards Anderson. Shortly afterwards, Anderson said that the Yankees third baseman called him “Jackie Robinson.” Donaldson later confirmed he said it, but that it was not meant in a racist manner.

With this situation, fans are wondering if Donaldson will be punished.

Will Josh Donaldson be punished for ‘Jackie Robinson’ comments towards Tim Anderson

In regards to a punishment, it will be up to the league to make a determination after they investigate it.

Anderson said that Donaldson said “what’s up, Jackie” calling the comments “disrespectful.”

Donaldson said he called Anderson “Jackie” because in a 2019 interview with Sports Illustrated, Anderson said he feels like “today’s Jackie Robinson.” You can read the article at this link.

The third baseman apologized to Anderson through the media and said he is open to meeting with him if the shortstop so chooses. Donaldson also says he spoke to teammates regarding the situation.

Grandal, who got into the verbal confrontation with Donaldson, said that “a comment like that is unacceptable” and that “it’s something that should not be allowed.”

All we can do is wait for MLB to make an announcement in regards to whether Donaldson will be punished for the comments he made towards Anderson.

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