Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds

David Ross goes nuclear after Cubs, Reds trade throws at one another

The Cubs and Reds took turns throwing at opposing hitters on Wednesday and that led to Chicago manager David Ross blowing a gasket.

Whenever two MLB clubs find themselves with pitches getting thrown a bit too inside in a matchup or series, things can escalate pretty quickly. And that’s especially true when you throw two division rivals like the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds into the mix.

On Wednesday night as the two NL Central foes squared off, things got heated in a hurry.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Chicago reliever Rowan Wick threw up and in on Cincinnati veteran Joey Votto and eventually walked him. Tempers started flaring already at that point as Votto was chirping Wick from first base. Things only further escalated.

When the top half of the ninth inning rolled around, Reds pitcher Hunter Strickland also threw in on a Cubs batter, Patrick Wisdom, but made contact. This resulted in Chicago manager David Ross going absolutely ballistic, so much so that he got the hook from the umpire.

Cubs-Reds gets heated and David Ross blows a gasket, leading to ejection

You can watch the entirety of the wild scene here.

Not the prettiest of scenes for baseball, to be sure.

As it does in these situations, the dust settled and, without further incident, the Reds went on to top the Cubs, 4-3. That probably didn’t do much to help Ross cool down after going ballistic on the umpires, but hopefully he eventually counted to 10 and got settled down.

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