Eduardo Escobar’s anger sparks Mets offense at critical moment

New York Mets slugger Eduardo Escobar wasn’t happy with the Reds and Dauri Moreta, who threw a fastball up and in.

Escobar has not been on a roll of late, and yet surprisingly has the confidence to clap back at a pitcher like Moreta. Any batter who has that kind of nerve is typically playing well, considering the circumstances — Moreta could’ve very well beaned him on the next pitch.

Moreta didn’t take kindly to Escobar’s words, either, but the two dugouts never emptied, and the drama was quelled shortly thereafter.

New York did respond with an offensive outburst, however. Only up by a run at that point, the Mets scored four more that inning to put the game away in the tenth.

Mets, Eduardo Escobar need every win they can get

A weekend set against the red-hot Atlanta Braves is looming. Considering Atlanta is just 2.5 games behind New York, wins against the lowly Reds should not be taken for granted.

The Mets haven’t exactly struggled over the last month, but an average stretch paired with the Braves’ winning ways has them barely holding onto the NL East lead. A once seemingly-insurmountable lead is very much in play.

New York needed a jolt, and Escobar hopefully provided just that. The return of Jacob deGrom should help matters, as well.

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