New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates

Pete Alonso HBP causes benches-clearing drama in middle of Mets pennant race (Video)

The New York Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates game included a benches-clearing incident after Pete Alonso was hit by a pitch.

New York hitters were plunked with four pitches on Saturday, so when Alonso was on the receiving end of a misplaced heater, he wasn’t excited.

Alonso barked back and forth with Pirates pitcher Johan Oviedo, with the Mets slugger eventually pointing his bat out at the mound. That broke the code, and forced the most likely of outcomes which was always a gathering of both benches down the first-base line.

As is the case with most benches-clearing incidents, there were no punches thrown. New York and Pittsburgh simply got together, threw some insults back and forth, and retreated to their respective dugouts.

All that drama for nothing!

Mets: Pete Alonso starts benches-clearing incident with Pirates

Yay, standing around!

Perhaps Alonso wanted to send the Pirates a message. The Buccos have very little to play for at this juncture besides playing spoiler, and maybe riling up the opposing team in the process. Why not start in Queens?

If Oviedo (or Jacob deGrom, which seems unlikely) hits another batter, then perhaps we’ll have a problem. For now, though, this was a whole bunch of nothing.

There will be no suspensions, or fines for that matters unless Rob Manfred is in a bad mood.

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