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Xander Bogaerts free agent rumors: Red Sox status, potential suitors and more

Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts is expected to opt out of his contract this offseason. So, what’s the latest as the season comes to a close?

Bogaerts and the Red Sox have been at a contract standoff since last offseason. Many in the industry do not view Bogaerts as a long-term fit at shortstop, especially as he ages, due to his lack of range.

A move to third base or second base would make a lot of sense in the long run, though Bogaerts doesn’t seem intent on moving off of shortstop until he gets a long-term contract, which isn’t surprising given the valuation of star players at that position.

Xander Bogaerts rumors: Where do Red Sox stand?

Despite this disconnect, Boston did not want to trade Bogaerts at the deadline. So, there must be some optimism that a deal can get done between the two sides. Perhaps a Carlos Correa-style short-term contract could be a solution, especially if Bogaerts struggles to find a long-term deal to his liking once he opts out.

Bogaerts has expressed confusion with where he stands on a new contract. The Boston front office says all the right things, including that they’d like him to stay. But, they have yet to counter or budge on Bogaerts’ demands.

“I will put it this way: Normally when you look at players at the point in their career that he is getting to, on paper that is usually the time to get off the bus,” Bloom told Rob Bradford on WEEI’s “Bradfo Sho” on Monday “To me, it’s basically a threshold issue. It’s because of all those things he brings that he is the type of guy you want to have here for a long time. That you want to have here hopefully for his whole career.”

Xander Bogaerts rumors: Biggest threats to Red Sox

If Bogaerts doesn’t stay in Boston, where might he sign? This is the biggest looming question entering the Red Sox offseason. Namely, just how large is Bogaerts market?

The San Francisco Giants are interested in shortstops this free agency. Depending how they feel about Bogaerts’ range at the position, they could be a suitor. The Phillies have already been confirmed as an aggressive suitor for Bogaerts, should they get the chance.

Xander Bogaerts rumors: Could Cubs join the fun?

An off-the-radar landing spot for Bogaerts could be the Chicago Cubs. While only speculation thus far, Chicago’s window isn’t too far from now, and they’re in a large enough market to spend the kind of money it would take to land Bogaerts. The Cubs were also in on Carlos Correa last offseason for a short-term deal. Perhaps Bogaerts would consider something similar?

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