Yankees fans call out Red Sox being chicken and walking Aaron Judge

Yankees fans had words for Alex Cora and the Red Sox after they walked Aaron Judge in his first two at-bats just one home run away from tying Roger Maris.

Aaron Judge has 60 home runs. He needs one more to tie Roger Maris for the AL single-season record.

The Red Sox don’t look like they’re going to give him the chance to get there.

The rivalry series between New York and Boston began on Thursday night with Judge walking in each of his first two at-bats.

Yankees fans booed pitcher Michael Wacha and the Red Sox at the stadium. On Twitter, they went after manager Alex Cora for his pregame comments claiming his team would not skirt around the MVP candidate.

Yankees fans roast Red Sox for being scared of Aaron Judge

Red Sox fans seem okay with the walk strategy. After all, it worked. Double plays ended the first and third innings after Judge walked.


Judge is on a monster tear. You can’t exactly blame a team for pitching around him, especially when he’s crushed so many pitchers this season.

The pursuit of history is drawing a lot of eyeballs though. You can bet MLB wants to see Judge get a chance to tie or break the record, especially with Maris’ family in the stadium.

Until the rest of the Yankee batters punish the Red Sox for it, they’re going to keep making it hard for Judge to get a piece of anything. Putting him on base is the least of their worries.

The good news for Judge and New York is that at some point someone is going to have to give him something to hit. Then he’ll do his damage.

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