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MLB Playoffs schedule 2022: How to watch in Canada

The Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners will almost certainly be in the MLB playoffs this year for Blue Jays games and for other playoff games, watching them is a bit more difficult for MLB fans in Canada.

The MLB playoffs are exactly two weeks away from today as they will be starting on Friday, October 7 as all four MLB Wild Card Series will be starting.

The Toronto Blue Jays will almost certainly be one of those teams in one of the two American League Wild Card Series as will the Seattle Mariners, who have TV viewing territory in western Canada. Still, for fans in Canada, it can be a bit difficult to watch the games.

Here’s your FAQ guide for watching MLB playoff games in Canada in 2022.

2022 MLB Playoffs: How to watch them in Canada

There are a few ways for MLB fans in Canada to watch the MLB playoffs in 2022. However, depending on what games you want to watch, you will have to use a different strategy, just like people in the United States.

This year, in the United States, the MLB playoffs will be on four different networks but they will be blacked out on MLB.TV. For viewers in Canada, to watch the playoffs, you can tune into SportsNet (SN Now) or RDS Direct. If you have cable, those packages may be already included.

For the cord-cutters, though, there are still some options. You can buy SN Now or RDS Direct online. There are some other streams that are available for you as well. For example, you can head to fuboTV for a free trial. That free trial is for seven days but you can get a plan for as little as C$24.99/month.

The MLB playoffs will go from October 7 through November 5 at the latest (if the World Series goes to Game 7) so it could be a month to remember for MLB fans in Canada.

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