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Surprising team predicted to make best offer to Carlos Correa

MLB free agency is stacked with star shortstops this off-season, and a surprising team may land Carlos Correa amidst many teams expected to make offers. 

Several star shortstops are on the market this off-season, including former Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa. He’ll likely have several offers coming his way, but the Chicago Cubs are predicted to make the best offer.

Several seem to believe that Correa will head to Chicago next season, and with the changes to their roster, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

With a few Cubs stars leaving, particularly Willson Contreras and Jason Heyward, Chicago will have payroll cleared up and could afford to spend on a star like Correa. Contreras doesn’t seem likely to come back, and Heyward has officially been released. Big moves seem to be coming for the Cubs, and the team certainly needs work.

Correa wouldn’t solve all of Chicago’s issues, but he’d certainly be a huge piece of the puzzle as they continue to work toward success.

Carlos Correa would greatly help the Chicago Cubs development

The Cubs had decent success with Nico Hoerner at shortstop during the 2022 season, but they could certainly improve. Hoerner slashed .281/.327/.410 for an OPS of .737, some of the better numbers on the team.

Overall, Chicago could stand to improve their lineup. They finished the regular season with the 12th-worst batting average (.238), 14th-worst on-base percentage (.311), 12th-worst slugging percentage (.387) and 14th-worst OPS (.698).

Correa would help make major improvements as he slashed .291/.366/.467 for an OPS of .833 over the 2022 season, which is in line with his career average. He’s also earned several awards over his career, most notably a Fielding Bible, a Gold Glove and a Platinum Glove.

He’d certainly be helpful to any team he joins, and he’d particularly help the Cubs move back to their prime. He’d be a big investment, but Chicago seems ready to make it happen.

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