Steph Curry has a sick motive for recruiting Aaron Judge to Giants

The San Francisco Giants pitch to Aaron Judge included a guest appearance from Steph Curry, a noted Boston Red Sox fan.

Steph Curry’s appearance during the Giants pitch was innocent for the most part — Steph would welcome another star athlete to the Bay area with open arms, especially one he could share the limelight with in the twilight of his career.

San Francisco is deemed a serious threat to sign Aaron Judge — perhaps the biggest threat to the Yankees altogether — and Farhan Zaidi already put together a pitch and offer of some sort.

So, what did Curry say to Judge?

“I met him before this,” Curry said of Judge, per NBC Sports. “We’ve talked before. So . . . let’s put it this way: I am doing my part as a loyal Red Sox fan.”

Red Sox fan Steph Curry recruiting Aaron Judge to Giants

If Steph Curry can’t recruit Aaron Judge to the Red Sox, this is the next best thing. Curry is a resident Giants fan, to some extent, and he can ensure that Judge leaves the Yankees. It’s a win-win for a player who has spent his entire career with the Golden State Warriors.

The Giants are going with the hometown approach. Judge is from Linden, California, which isn’t far from the Bay Area. He grew up watching Barry Bonds, who he considers the rightful single-season home run champ. And the Giants have plenty of money to play with. San Francisco plans on making Judge an offer close to what the Yankees can afford, at the very least.

San Francisco’s ownership and front office met with Judge’s team last Monday night, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. It remains to be seen whether or not they made much of an impression, but at the very least Judge is listening and entertaining offers.

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