What is the Red Sox backup plan for losing Xander Bogaerts?

The Boston Red Sox seem highly likely to lose Xander Bogaerts this offseason, which is making many wonder what the roster may look like in 2023.

As the days continue and Xander Bogaerts remains unsigned, Red Sox fans can’t help but wonder what will happen if the team loses their star shortstop. Boston doesn’t necessarily seem to be after the other stars on the market, and Trea Turner officially left the market to join the Philadelphia Phillies. Options are dwindling.

With several teams eyeing Bogaerts and the Red Sox putting themselves in a position where he became a free agent, they need to think of what they’ll do without him.

There’s no official plan that’s been released, but several things would make the most sense as Boston’s strategy if the dreaded day comes.

One option that may be a bit far-fetched is they’ll go after Dansby Swanson or Carlos Correa. Both shortstops are in high demand, and Correa would likely be going for a higher asking price than Bogaerts. While Correa is a better player defensively, it would make the most sense to keep Bogaerts for cheaper when he’s already proven to work well in Boston.

The more likely scenario would be an internal shift of the roster.

The Red Sox will likely shift the roster if they lose Xander Bogaerts

When the Red Sox first signed Trevor Story back in March, they toyed around with the idea of moving Bogaerts to second base and having Story at shortstop. Story was willing to play at second base, but considering his history as a shortstop, they’d most likely move him if Bogaerts isn’t re-signed. After all, they signed him with strong intention of having him play shortstop.

To fill in at second base, they’d likely move Kiké Hernandez or Christian Arroyo. Both have experience in the outfield as well, so whoever doesn’t go to second will likely remain an outfielder alongside Alex Verdugo and Rob Refsnyder.

Of course, things could certainly change depending on who they sign this offseason. In the idea that they don’t re-sign Bogaerts and also don’t sign a star shortstop, this roster shift seems to be the most likely backup plan.

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