New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays

Vlad Guerrero Jr. gives Yankees absolutely perfect bulletin board material for 2023

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has just teed up an epic season to-come between the Yankees and Blue Jays

Last season, the Toronto Blue Jays were supposed to run away with the AL East. They didn’t, falling seven games behind the New York Yankees who ended up winning the division.

Then, the Jays face-planted in the Wild Card round losing to the Mariners in a best-of-three in two games, getting shut out entirely in the second game.

That was evidently not enough to humble the Blue Jays heading into 2023, though.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. stokes the flames on Yankees-Jays rivalry

A young fan asked the Toronto Blue Jays at a team event what team was the easiest to play this year.

“The Yankees,” Vladimir Guerrero Jr. answered with a smirk on his face.

The Blue Jays won just one of their series against the Yankees in 2022. They went 8-11 in games against New York last year.

Furthermore, for Vladdy specifically, he had a worse batting average and on-base percentage against the Yankees than his season average. His strikeout percentage was over two percent more against New York than his season average.

Maybe a little revisionist history here from Vladdy, because it sure doesn’t seem like Guerrero had an easier time against the Yankees in 2023.

But remember, this is the guy who got cocky and gloated about protecting his house and then got absolutely roasted by Michael Kay the night after with his own line.

Should be fun to see these two division rivals go at it again in 2023. Vladdy might have just given the Yankees a bit of extra motivation that they didn’t need.

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