Ronald Acuña’s family was ‘harassed’ in classless act by fans during Venezuelan Series

More information about the Ronald Acuña in the Venezuelan league is coming out, this time related to his family’s interactions with fans.

Ronald Acuña has had himself a week, starting with a very fun, minute-long home run trot and celebration that is to be remembered. That celebration sparked reaction on both social media and in person at the game, and it resulted in Acuña deleting his Instagram account and retiring from Venezuelan baseball altogether.

Members of his family were also captured on video in an altercation with fans in the stands that started verbally and escalated to physical.

Quite the fallout from a home run celebration.

More context revealed in Ronald Acuña incident

David O’Brien reported that there was more context to that video as well as Acuña’s decision to retire from Venezuelan baseball. Apparently, his family was being harassed and had beers thrown at them after his celebration.

Fans being upset over the celebration is one thing, but to respond by throwing things at the player’s family is just, well, uncalled for.

His decision to retire means he also won’t be playing for the Venezuelan team in the World Baseball Classic.

Why was Ronald Acuña playing in Venezuelan Winter League?

Ronald Acuna was just granted permission to play in the Venezuelan Winter League by the Atlanta Braves for the first time. His commitment was for five games as a designated hitter. Acuna, of course, is a Venezuelan native.

Winter ball allows players to get back in the swing of the game even before spring training rolls around, which starts in about a month.

Clearly, this isn’t how Acuna expected his time in the league to go, and the experience for both he and his family have caused him to cut his ties with the league.

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