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SF Giants: Luke Jackson’s new profile picture is jacked, handsome and hilarious

San Francisco Giants reliever Luke Jackson’s new Twitter profile picture is a sight to behold.

You may know Luke Jackson from his Atlanta Braves days, but he now pitches for the San Francisco Giants.

Prior to signing with San Francisco, Jackson had been one of the longest tenured Braves. The right-hander reliever caught on in Atlanta towards the tail-end of their rebuild. He was part of five National League East crowns, as well as a prominent pillar of The Nightshift Bullpen that helped propel Atlanta to its first World Series Championship in 26 years. Jackson made Atlanta so proud.

However, he is playing for a new team, so he was in dire need of a new Twitter profile picture. He requested something depicting him in a Giants jersey, looking absolutely jacked and dashingly handsome.

The result was absolutely hilarious, and I don’t think this profile picture could ever be topped.

If this was an NFT, I would sell all of my blood, plasma and platelets to line up for the bidding.

Luke Jackson’s new Twitter profile picture is where the bar has been set at

As a man who has no clue how to do photoshop, I am as captivated as I possibly could be right now. I imagine this is how non-musicians attempt to dissect the lyrics of songs they know nothing about. We’re not that deep, to be honest, but art like this gives us hope to get out of bed in the morning and put one foot in front of other. Who knew changing jobs could be this invigorating?

The best part about this photoshop job is this is exactly what Jackson will look like when he punches out one Artful Dodger after another in the eight inning many weeks from now. Even better, his former Atlanta teammate Joc Pederson is back for another round in the Bay Area. He may not have tasted the postseason last year, but you better believe he’ll be chomping at the bit.

Reunited and it feels so good, YaBoy77 and that m**********r will be the reason why I am rooting for the Giants in every game they play except for the ones against the Braves next season. Pearls and swine, bereft of me, but I’ll carry on all by myself here in Atlanta. With a newly fixed up arm and an incredible new profile picture, there is no way Jackson does not win the Cy Young in 2023.

YaBoy77’s ERA is about to be 0.77 with a WHIP to match and an NL West banner to raise, bruh!

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