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Freddie Freeman explains emotional reason behind playing for Team Canada (Video)

Freddie Freeman plays for Team Canada at the World Baseball Classic for his mom, and there’s no better reason than that.

Freddie Freeman provided an explanation of his Canadian roots for Canadian World Baseball Classic fans, and it should resonate throughout the MLB landscape as well.

Freeman’s mother passed away from melanoma when he was only 10 years old. At that age, it’s tough to comprehend losing a parent, let alone to carry it with you throughout a strenuous life in professional baseball. Everything Freeman does is for his mom, and he just hopes she would be proud of him.

The raw emotion and real pain Freeman shows in the video provided by Team Canada shows that we truly never know what someone is going through on a daily basis. Having lost my own father around the same age, I can confirm that feeling never really leaves you. For Freeman, playing with Canada across his chest is a way to honor her. That should be good enough for all of us.

Freddie Freeman honors late mother at World Baseball Classic

Freeman did acknowledge that he was born in California, and that some Dodgers fans might be confused as to why he’s playing for Canada at the WBC. The video above, though, showcases the many ways Freeman honors his mom before each and every game. The World Baseball Classic is just a way to do it in a less discrete manor.

Freddie wears sleeves for every game, regardless of the weather. This is because his mom passes away of skin cancer, so it makes him think of her. He also wears a cross around his neck, which when unscrewed has a piece of her hair in it.

“Dodgers fans, when you get to know me, pretty much everything I do is for my mom,” Freeman added.

This is only his second year as an LA Dodger, but fans around baseball have a newfound respect for Freeman following that video.

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