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Team USA fan perfectly predicted Kyle Schwarber’s home run moments beforehand (Video)

A Team USA fan shouted for a Schwarbomb before Kyle Schwarber blasted a home run against Great Britain in the World Baseball Classic.

There are few things greater in sports than correctly calling what’s about to happen on the field of play.

Who doesn’t love nudging their buddy and saying the batter is about to hit a homer only to be proven right on the next swing? It’s a magical feeling.

A Team USA fan at the World Baseball Classic took that concept to a whole other level on Saturday when he could be heard on camera shouting for a “Schwarbomb” literally a moment before Kyle Schwarber hit a literal Schwarbomb into the stands.

Team USA fan perfectly predicted Kyle Schwarber’s home run

Whoever was responsible for that shout, take a bow and a few victory laps as well. That’s a golden moment that’ll be tough to top.

Schwarber’s homer opened things up for Team USA in the bottom of the fourth, making it a 5-1 game. The Phillies All-Star started at DH, wore a set of incredibly patriotic cleats and went 1-for-3 with three RBI and a walk in Team USA’s debut.

Trayce Thomson put Great Britain ahead in the top of the first with a home run to take a surprise 1-0 lead over the Americans.

However, Nolan Arenado hit a double in the bottom of the third to score his Cardinals teammate Paul Goldschmidt and tie things up. Astros outfielder Kyle Tucker then singled to score Arenado as the go-ahead run.

Arenado continued his strong night with a double in the bottom of the sixth to once again bring Goldschmidt home, 6-1.

Team GB got one back when Angels minor leaguer D’Shawn Knowles scored a run on former Marlins prospect Anfernee Seymour’s ground out in the top of the seventh.

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