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MLB Power Rankings: Astros are alive again, Padres need an amen

MLB Power Rankings

The Kansas City Royals would find themselves at the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings weekly if they didn’t have the Oakland Athletics around. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Traditional MLB Power Rankings to check in on teams like the Houston Astros who have come alive again and clubs such as the San Diego Padres who need an amen.

Expanded playoffs, a small sample size, and plenty of other factors have kept most of the Major League Baseball teams alive for now. With Memorial Day now a week away, we’re approaching the unofficial first checkpoint of the season. Teams who see themselves ranked low on this week’s MLB Power Rankings might want to reassess themselves before we’re into July and all hope is lost.

This year has included plenty of early surprises both positively and negatively. Some of those early slumpers have awoken and are now very much in the mix.

This week’s MLB Power Rankings will stay traditional and look at where each team currently is and where they’re headed next.

30) MLB Power Rankings: Oakland Athletics

Pin the Oakland Athletics down to the number 30 spot. It didn’t help that they just wrapped up a series against the Houston Astros this weekend. The Athletics are well on their way to losing 100 games. Losing 110 isn’t out of the question either. Maybe Las Vegas needs to reconsider. Is it really a major league baseball team in your city if the team is the Athletics?

29) MLB Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals are lucky they have the Oakland Athletics around. Almost as miserable but nowhere close at the same time because at least their pitching staff hasn’t already allowed over 300 runs this season, it’s not as if there has been much for Royals fans to celebrate. This year isn’t even the tail end of some successful seasons or the first of a major rebuild. The Royals are bad and they look like they’ll stay that way for a while.

28) MLB Power Rankings: Chicago White Sox

As dysfunctional as the Chicago White Sox can be, a spot this low in the MLB Power Rankings isn’t what too many expected even in a worst-case scenario. They’ve been beyond bad. Even some of their better trade candidates don’t look so appealing. It seems like their window to win has already closed on them and caught their fingers. They got to play the Kansas City Royals as a brief respite this past weekend. Take a victory lap now. There may not be too many more.

27) MLB Power Rankings: Colorado Rockies

On one hand, it hasn’t been as horrific for the Colorado Rockies as some expected. On the other, being one of the worst teams in the National League is no consolation prize. Catcher Elias Diaz somehow being in the mix for a batting title is one of the more unique and interesting stories with this ball club. Headed toward a rebuild or retool or however their front office will label it, Rockies fans can take joy in knowing the Colorado Avalanche just won a Stanley Cup and the Denver Nuggets may add an NBA Title in a couple of weeks.

26) MLB Power Rankings: Cincinnati Reds

If the Colorado Rockies aren’t the National League’s worst ball club, the Cincinnati Reds could be it. Spots 27, 26, and 25 on this list could be interchangeable. All three ball clubs are neck-and-neck with each other in the cellar. For the Reds, they deserve to fall back from 25 because of the division they play in. The worst in an already weak group of five ball clubs, their big concern right now needs to be how poorly their young arms have performed lately. A season that started off with some promise has quickly become a headache.

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