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Marcus Stroman didn’t want revenge on Mets, which is a new form of insult

Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman, formerly of the New York Mets, didn’t think of his impressive start as revenge.

For all intents and purposes, it seemed like Marcus Stroman and the New York Mets had an amicable split. Business is business, and Stroman is happy in the Windy City.

Stroman threw eight innings of two-run ball against his former team, leading the Cubs to a 4-2 victory. The right-handed pitcher was given a three-year, $71 million contract after leaving the Mets in the first place, but his antics on Wednesday night initially suggested he wasn’t over his departure.

It got to the point where one anonymous Mets player was borderline offended.

“What did we do to him?” the player told the New York Post. “Show some respect, be a professional. It isn’t all about you.”

Still, Stroman insisted he did not mean to show up New York in his victory.

“I really don’t play into it too much, to be honest with you. Younger me may have seen it as a revenge game,” Stroman insisted.

What should Mets made of Marcus Stroman’s antics?

Stroman motioned to his chest after a big double play late in his outing. It’s unclear if this is exactly what said player is referring to, but Stroman often pitches with emotion. It’s just who he is.

Stroman has been around the block a few times at this point in his career. Previously with the Toronto Blue Jays, this isn’t the first time he’s had to pitch against a former team. It can often be bittersweet, especially in the case of the Mets, who could surely use his services in their oft-injured rotation.

The 32-year-old lowered his ERA to 2.95 and his WHIP to 1.09 — both of those marks would be the best of his career, minus his rookie season in Toronto.

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