NY Mets manager Buck Showalter blasts Pete Alonso for cursing

Mets’ Pete Alonso dropped an F-bomb in a post-game interview last week, and Buck Showalter isn’t too happy about it.

Uh oh — looks like New York Mets slugger Pete Alonso may have to put some money in the swear jar.

Yes, he’s an adult, but he’s an adult playing for Buck Showalter’s team, and Showalter apparently has a no-tolerance policy against profanity.

Last Wednesday, Alonso scored a three-run, walk-off homer in an 8-7 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, and the star first baseman was naturally picked for a post-game interview on the field.

Alonso capped off his interview by saying his “LFGM” slogan that was aired loud and clear by Citi Field’s PA system, only he said the whole thing rather than the acronym. Children, cover your ears.

The snippet of profanity didn’t cause much controversy at the time, but Mets general manager Buck Showalter recently expressed his distaste for Alonso’s uncensored public speech.

Mets GM Buck Showalter chastises Pete Alonso for use of profanity

Showalter said on ESPN’s “The Michael Kay Show” that “of course” he was bothered by Alonso’s swearing, adding that hopes he doesn’t see it happen again:

“It’s not a good idea, and something I don’t think you’ll see happen again. I hope not… It’s just the venue you put it in and the people that are listening. It’s just unfortunate, because I don’t want somebody’s day at the ballpark to be less than it could be because of something someone heard.”

Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and many people may participate in the generational tradition of bringing children and family to stadiums to watch games together. In that old-fashioned, idyllic view of the sport, yes, players probably shouldn’t swear in public.

But Showalter’s shriveled-up nose for profanity also gives off full-blown “boomer” vibes, like when Jerry Seinfeld tried to get rid of the “F” in “LFGM” in his Instagram comment:

In any case, Showalter may not be a fan of Alonso’s accidental-on-purpose slip-up, but he can’t complain about the first baseman’s torrid form in recent weeks.

After Tuesday’s loss to the Cubs, Alonso has a league-leading 18 home runs in 49 games this season. He’s going toe-to-toe with Yankees star Aaron Judge from last year when Judge started his 2022 campaign with 19 homers in the first 49 games.

Judge finished that season with 62 long ones, and who knows? Maybe Alonso can join the two-man 60 club in 2023. He still won’t be allowed to swear on live television, though, not as long as Showalter’s around.

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