Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers

Jonah Heim trolls White Sox with call for replay on 3-run moonshot

On Tuesday night, Rangers catcher Jonah Heim was subject to a controversial call against the White Sox. On Wednesday, he called it back after a 3-run homer.

Bruce Bochy and the majority of the Texas Rangers team were left apoplectic on Tuesday night over a call against catcher Jonah Heim.

After it was initially ruled on the field that the Rangers had thrown Chicago White Sox infielder Elvis Andrus out at the plate, the White Sox reviewed the call and it was overturned. The umpires ruled that Heim did not give the runner a lane to the plate, despite video evidence seemingly telling a different story.

Bochy was ejected, the White Sox took the lead, and the vibes were not great — or they weren’t until Wednesday night.

In the rematch of the controversial Tuesday night showdown, Heim tattooed a pitch from reliever Jimmy Lambert for a 393-foot three-run home run to right field. And as he ran around first base, he looked at the White Sox and asked for them to call for a replay in the wake of the overturned play at the plate the previous night.

Rangers: Jonah Heim trolls White Sox with HR celly day after controversial call

Elite-tier troll by Heim after hitting a dinger.

Every little-league coach in America has to love the response from Heim at the plate, though. Anyone who has ever played baseball has had a coach tell them to forget about a bad play or a wrong call and coached to just get them on the next one. The Rangers catcher absolutely did that and more, but with a little sauce on top.

That three-run shot from Heim put the Rangers up 6-1 in the fifth inning and, though the White Sox tagged on a pair of runs in subsequent innings, it wasn’t enough as Texas took the rubber match of the series, 6-3.

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