MLB All-Star Game

MLB All-Star Game 2018: Start time, weather delay and more

The MLB All-Star Game is tonight — well, maybe since it’s downpouring and weather might push the festivities back.

After Monday night’s thrilling Home Run Derby, things aren’t looking so good for the All-Star Game. Following the fireworks of Bryce Harper winning his first ever title in front of a home crowd, it looks like the All-Star game itself is going to get rained out.

Heavy rain is threatening to push the game back, and has a lot of people wondering what the course of action is. Will the game get cancelled or will it just get pushed back? Will a shortened version be played since it’s only an exhibition match or will it get played another day?

We don’t know if the game will be played but if there’s a delay we have some answers.

Is It Really That  Bad?

First question is, are people overreacting about the rain.

No, they’re not.

So Will They Delay or Cancel?

There’s a chance that the game is delayed, but it’s highly unlikely that it’s canceled. The first option for MLB is to delay the game as it would in any regular season circumstance. The game would be delayed like any other game until the rain passes, assuming that the conditions later on would permit play.

If it looked like the game wouldn’t be able to get played on Tuesday, it would get postponed until Wednesday. There’s almost no chance that that game is cancelled, so don’t get ahead of yourself thinking it will. If the game needs to be held on Wednesday, the regular season would still resume on the same day (Friday).

However, to move the game to Wednesday, it would need the approval of the MLBPA which would require a few hoops to jump through. Ultimately the best and easiest option is to play the game on Tuesday, even if it’s a later start time.

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