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MLB Power Rankings: Astros, Yankees still on top, Cardinals slide

Another week in baseball as the playoffs begin to take shape, here is how all the teams rank right now.

30. Royals (-1)

The Royals miserable season has only gotten worse. Their pitching staff has given up the most runs in the MLB despite not being overly hitter friendly. Since June 10th they have just 2 wins and things do not look to be getting better. Trading Kelvin Herrera for what was just an okay haul doesn’t help them either.

29. Orioles (+1)

The Orioles rise in the power rankings mostly due to the train wreck currently happening in Kansas City. However, they were able to go 3-3 against the Nationals and Braves, putting together a solid week. They’re still in sell position, but it was a solid week for them.

28. White Sox

Unsurprisingly, the White Sox are continue to putter along, relying on brief moment of brilliance to keep their spirit. Keep your hopes high and eyes on next year White Sox fans.

27. Mets (-1)

The Mets lost 6 in a row to end last week, without much to be positive about. The week ended with the Dodgers hitting a Citi Field record 7 home runs on Sunday. They’ve been absolutely miserable since the middle of May, falling well out of the playoff race and that is yet to change. They’re in danger of falling below the Marlins in the standings, something no team was thought to be able of accomplishing this year.

26. Marlins (-2)

The Marlins started the last week off cold, but have pulled it together as of late. 3 straight wins in which they’ve scored 6+ runs has been a positive sign for them. Their two best hitters have been contributing, with a J.T. Realmuto grand slam and Derek Dietrich 4 hit game making up two of their wins. Those two continuing to play well will help the Marlins get better prospects for them.

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