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This fan is an absolute hero for making this catch (Video)

We saw the Padres catch and chug earlier in the week. We now have the next great installment of dad catches, courtesy of the Reds-Rockies game.

This catch is up there with the all-time greats. Take in for a moment that you’re at the Reds-Rockies game on a Wednesday night. You’re not here to see the Reds play well of late, sitting at the bottom of the NL Central. You’re here for the atmosphere and for the experience of being in Great American Ball Park.

Flash back earlier this week at the Padres-Braves game we had Gabby DiMarco making a stellar grab in her cup off a foul ball sent backwards and then proceeding to chug the beer.

I didn’t think that’d be topped for a while, let alone less than a week later but here we are. The whole family out for a night at the ballpark, youngest harnessed around Dad. Foul ball comes flying towards the section and with his back to the field he reaches out and makes a barehanded right hand grab like it’s second nature.

Obviously the dad would love the moment, I mean what a catch. The baby however, definitely was more enamored with the phone he pulled out to talk about the achievement than the ball itself.

i’d go as for to say this is a HOF fan catch. Going full Willie Mays, back to the field of play, barehanded with baby in tow. That’s unbeatable.

The Reds went on to lose 6-3 to the Rockies Wednesday but the whole family has a moment that lives forever and isn’t that what baseball is all about?

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