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Angels want to know where they stand with Mike Trout

The Angels aren’t going to make the playoffs this season, so they want to clarify their future. That requires an honest conversation with Mike Trout.

There’s no question the Los Angeles Angels want to continue to build their team around Mike Trout for years to come. That isn’t a massive gamble considering he’s the best two-way player in the game. The only concern the franchise has about that plan is whether or not Trout is prepared to stay in Los Angeles for the long haul.

Credit the Angels front office for being proactive on the issue. Instead of sitting around and waiting for Trout to clue them in on his plans, they’re going to actively put the question to the All-Star outfielder. Specifically, they’re going to approach Trout about signing a long-term contract extension this summer.

The rationale here is pretty simple. If Trout is interested in committing his long-term future to the Angels, they will happily hand him a massive contract and build around him for years to come. That’s clearly what the team would like to do. His current contract has two seasons left on it, but the team would happily extend him into the distant future. It’s believed the Angels would also be comfortable paying him even more than his current salary of $33.25 million per season.

If, on the other hand, Trout gives them an indication that he’s not willing to sign an extension, the team will have to think long and hard about how it wants to proceed. They’re not going to immediately rush out and trade Trout, but it’s something the organization might consider down the line. Every team in the league would be willing to pay a king’s ransom for the game’s best player.

The more likely scenario is that the Angels would immediately put all of their resources behind building an immediate contender that could convince Trout to stay. That would likely require gutting the team’s farm system for players capable of helping the team win now, but that’s a small price to pay for keeping an all-time great on your roster. The Angels aren’t contenders now, but one of two meaningful moves could easily vault them into contention for an AL West title in 2019.

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Angels fans should be happy about this news. This is the sort of move a franchise makes when they are prepared to be contenders for years to come. Getting a legitimate read on Trout’s future will prepare the team to make the best moves for their immediate and long-term future. Information about Trout’s intentions will arm the Angels to do what’s best for the franchise in the future.

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