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Is extending AJ Hinch the right thing to do?

The Astros are giving an extension to manager AJ Hinch, but is it the right move?

Just one season removed from the franchise’s first World Series title and in the driver’s seat for a second consecutive title, AJ Hinch is leading the Astros in some of their best seasons ever. Fresh off a massive series win over the AL West rival Oakland A’s, news broke that the Astros are going to give Hinch a contract extension, which will be made official on Thursday.

However, is this the right move for the club? Absolutely, for multiple reasons. First and foremost, Hinch has achieved wild success in Houston. He’s managed to turn the laughing stock of the MLB into perrenial World Series contenders. In four seasons with the team, he has yet to win less than 80 games and has an overall record of 352-266 (.570).

Further, he is a hot commodity. Other big names around the league have been rumored to be interested in Hinch’s services. Extending him not only takes him off the market, but locks him up in Houston. While it’s not quite time to crown him the best manager in the league, he’s the best young manager and he’s widely regarded as such.

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Finally, his personality reflects that of his squad to a tee. Hinch is young, passionate, confident and charismatic. All of those are traits which are evident in the Astros. He loves the city of Houston, the city loves him. He loves his players, his players love him. He loves the Astros, the Astros love him. So, why is there any reason to be negative about this extension? There isn’t. While this extension may have looked crazy after his time managing Arizona, it’s well-deserved now. After locking up Hinch and their star players, the Astros are going to be a force to reckon with for awhile.

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