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Dig, if you will, Mike Moustakas on the White Sox in 2018

Mike Moustakas is one of the best hitters left on the free agent market, and the Chicago White Sox should be interested.

The Chicago White Sox are a club still in the midst of a rebuild. They have great young talent pool simmering in the minor leagues. So, why not add a veteran hitter? The club has players such as Jose Abreu and Avisail Garcia, who are key components to the team. With that said, a steal on the free agent market could be Mike Moustakas.

Two big free agents went off the board very recently in Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez. There are still good players out there that could help the team now and later. Third baseman Mike Moustakas could be just that. Here is insider Jon Morosi on why the White Sox could be a fit:

The White Sox want to add a long-term third baseman in the next 12 months and could seize the opportunity to sign Moustakas now, rather than pursue free agents Manny Machado and Josh Donaldson during the 2018-19 offseason. Third base is the rare position at which the White Sox haven’t procured an elite prospect in trades over the past couple years.

So, the North Side could be a fit for the slugging third baseman. Manny Machado is most likely going to the New York Yankees, and Josh Donaldson is getting up there in age so a rebuilding club probably isn’t a top destination. Furthermore, he is another veteran player that can take the youth under his wing. Moustakas knows what it’s like to come up with a core group and win together. So, the White Sox should swoop in and make a deal.

Moustakas had a career year in 2017 when he hit 38 home runs and hit .272. With that said, the White Sox would love to have another hard hitting guy like Jose Abreu. Obviously, a deal will only be made if there is a fair price, but Chicago should take that risk. He could be another cornerstone for this team, such as Freddie Freeman for the Atlanta Braves etc. So, if ownership wants to open their wallets, then the front office should go ahead and pull the trigger.

Chicago should sign Mike Moustakas because he is a veteran masher who can mentor the younger players. Also, he’s only known the AL Central so he’ll be acclimated to his new team easier. So, why wait; open the wallet and add a boomstick that can hit it out of the South Side.

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