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Fans rally via GoFundMe to preserve name of Miller Park

On Tuesday, a GoFundMe page was set up after news broke that a potential stadium name change could be coming to Miller Park in Milwaukee.

What a day it’s been for the city of Milwaukee. On Tuesday, we reported that Wisconsin-based American Family Insurance had won a naming rights contest. Essentially it means that the name “Miller Park” will be non-existent after the 2020 MLB season. Miller Park has been the name of the Milwaukee Brewers’ home since the 2001 season.

But soon after that report came out, a GoFundMe page was set up to keep the the Miller Park name intact. Peter Caldwell, a long-time Brewers fan, set the page up in hopes that the forthcoming name change would not happen. Below is the description he wrote before publishing his $30 million quest:

It was announced today that Miller Park will no longer be Miller Park after the 2020 season.  Brewers Fans from around the world have come to know Miller Park as the home of our Milwaukee Brewers.  We have set out to raise money to keep the name Miller Park.  While we are confident that American Family Insurance would be a good partner with the Brewers, we cannot, in good faith, allow the name to change.  Please show your dedication to the Brew Crew by supporting this cause.  Beer drinkers and Brewers fans unite!

It appears as many Brewers fans are on board with the idea, as even a petition was started with the same hopes in mind. Over 18,000 signatures have been posted so far. The GoFundMe attempt has yet to get off the ground with any donations, both results as of 7:15 P.M. Central.

The contract that the Brewers have with Miller Brewery ends after the 2020 season. The terms of Madison-based American Family Insurance’s deal were not disclosed, nor were any details about naming or branding changes. However the current contract the Brewers have with Miller Brewery expires at the end of the 2020 season.

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While it’s unclear as to whether either of these items will have any effect on the potential name change to Miller Park, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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