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Colorado Rockies troll Denver Post with unbelievably savage tweet

The Colorado Rockies’ Twitter account didn’t hold back in its latest (epic) troll job of its hometown newspaper, the Denver Post.

One of those unwritten rules in sports and journalism is to always show respect to your hometown team, and vice versa for the team and the local paper. The Colorado Rockies apparently forgot their unwritten rule book at home.

They delivered one of the most savagely epic troll jobs to their hometown paper, The Denver Post, on Tuesday afternoon.

This may seem like a harmless tweet and a fairly inaccurate one seeing as that’s Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, home of the Phillies, but it’s actually a genius troll.

Let’s rewind things back to April 6. The Denver Post featured ‘The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Coors Field’ on the front page of their paper and had it circulated to the greater Denver area. Unfortunately, the picture they used was not of Coors Field, and it took up the entire page.

People were quick to realize the mistake, well, because the Phillies’ logo and scoreboard were gigantic. Also, it’s not hard to tell the difference between Citizen’s Bank Park and Coors Field.

Deservedly so, The Denver Post received a ton of flak from fans and other media sources. They were called lazy and something like that can take a toll on a paper’s reputation.

The Rockies’ Twitter account decided to take a not-so-subtle jab at the paper from early-April, thinking there were no longer hard feelings between the two sides, and one of the paper’s employees let her frustrations be known.

As any good-natured individual, or organization, would do, the Rockies apologized and cited that it was just a harmless joke on social media. All seems to be forgiven from both sides, but this is still apparently a sore subject.

Even more savagely, the Rockies left the tweet up, even after the apology. Give the social media coordinator for the Rockies a raise, please.

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