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5 reasons the Yankees will win the 2019 World Series

It’s been a long while since the Yankees have won a World Series, but here are five reasons the drought will end for New York in 2019.

General Manager Brian Cashman understands there is only one way for the Yankees season to be judged as a success. Any year that doesn’t end with a World Series title is considered a failure for the Bronx Bombers. That might be unfair, but it’s the reality everyone inside the Yankees organization deals with on a day-to-day basis.

The upside to that is that the Yankees have the resources required to compete for a championship on an annual basis. Fans might quibble over the team’s decision to pass on free agents like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper this season, but the Yankees are consistently at or near the top of the MLB’s payroll rankings. Combine that with the resources the team puts into their Minor League system and it’s relatively easy for the Yankees to be “good” every year.

2019 needs to be great for the Yankees though. This is a team primed and ready to win the 28th World Series title in franchise history. Here are the five biggest reasons why manager Aaron Boone’s team is destined for glory this October.

5. Aaron Boone’s improvement

It’s funny how fans naturally assume that players will enjoy significant improvement between their rookie and sophomore seasons, but don’t extend that belief to first-year managers.

Boone was far from perfect during his first year in the Yankees’ dugout, but it’s safe to assume he’ll make a big jump in year two. In particular, he should do a better job of handling his pitching staff. Look for Boone to have a much quicker, and decisive hook this season when one of his pitchers is struggling on the mound. That won’t be the only way he improves, but it will probably be the easiest thing for fans to see on a regular basis.

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