Milwaukee Brewers

Lorenzo Cain saves Brewers win with great catch (Video)

The Brewers were mere inches away from dropping their home opener to the rival Cardinals. Then, Lorenzo Cain flew in and saved the day.

For a brief minute, it looked like the Milwaukee Brewers would be doomed in their season opener against the rival St. Louis Cardinals.

The sellout crowd at Miller Park watched anxiously and with fear as they watched Jose Martinez’ hit steamroll to the Toyota vehicle on prominent display in right field. Marinez’ hit was more than a threat, it was a near-certain home run.

Then, Lorenzo Cain put on his Superman cape, soared in the air, and made what can easily be the play of the day, and an early candidate for plays of the year.

Cain absolutely robbed Martinez, so much so that the St. Louis Police Department put out a warrant for Cain’s arrest, charging him with theft of home run. Brewers fans went ballistic, and so did Cain and his teammates. Everyone in the stadium knew what had just transpired, and how big that moment was.

And to do it against the much-hated Cardinals was even sweeter.

If Martinez’ ball would have cleared the right field wall, it would have tied the game at 5-5 and given St. Louis new life. It would have also taken the wind out of the sails of the Brewers, who have dreams of contending for the NL Pennant this season.

Sure, it would have been just one loss in the marathon that is the MLB season, but Cain and the Brewers know all-too-well that opening up the season on a good note will carry them a long way to achieving that goal. Also, it was a message that needed to be sent to the Cardinals.

The Brewers are will be the team to beat in the NL Central, and they’ll do anything to keep it that way. Even if it meant Cain robbing more of the Cardinals’ home runs.

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