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Dodgers fan commits to tattoo after joking Twitter comment

A Los Angeles Dodgers fan has committed to getting a tattoo, after claiming she’d get it if Cody Bellinger hit a grand slam.

There is a very wise saying when it comes to social media. Be careful what you say and do, because you never know who is watching. It’s true with prospective employers, lawyers, and apparently Major League Baseball. This was evident by a comment that was made during Tuesday night’s Dodgers/Giants game.

During the bottom of the third inning, Cody Bellinger stepped up to the plate with the bases loading, and facing the always-tough Madison Bumgarner. Twitter user @ciniee took to her account and made a statement that she would get a special tattoo if he could hit a grand slam in that at-bat.

What followed was Bellinger doing exactly that — he promptly unloaded the bases on one majestic swing. With the Dodgers already sporting a 1-0 lead, he took the second pitch he saw over the center field wall and it set off what has been an entertaining timeline since that moment.

It seemed innocent and joking in nature. You see it all the time on social media, fans talk about getting tattoos or piercings or something if their favorite team or player does something incredible. This pretty much qualifies in every fashion. But remember that thing earlier about somebody watching your social media moves? On Wednesday evening, the Dodgers called her out on it. And even the official MLB Twitter account caught wind of it.

After the Dodgers went public with it, she responded and confirmed she would be getting it done this weekend. And the team was more than happy to get involved.

She responded that it “sounds like a plan” and now it just left up to scheduling the tattoo to be done. There have been some crazy fan tattoos through the years, but this may be one of the craziest to get done. And the fact that the Dodgers not only responded to her, but apparently seem intent on being there to watch it happen live.

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What’s the craziest tattoo you’ve seen on a fan? Was it a team logo, player number, or did they do what our Twitter friend did and say they’d get something if a player made spectacular play? Better yet, what would your fan tattoo be?

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