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With Bryce Harper, Phillies fans changing narrative about Philly sports fans

Bryce Harper gets the last laugh, Phillies fans are changing the narrative and the obituary for the AAF.

Bryce Harper was booed vociferously by Nationals fans in his return to D.C. with the Phillies. Harper struck out the first two times to the delight of the fans who once cheered for him. Harper, however, had the last laugh with another moonshot of a home run that went 458 feet and a legendary bat flip to boot. A symbolic middle finger to the illogical Nats fans booing him.

After the home run, Phillies fans who broke out a “We go Harper” and “MVP” chant to support their new guy. It hasn’t even been one week yet and he’s already loved more by Phillies fans than he ever was by Nationals fans.

Phillies fans changing the narrative about Philly sports fans

Philadelphia sports fans have a bad reputation that NBC Sports Philadelphia was able to get 10 moments that Philly fans were the worst. But this show of fansmanship is a reason why they will go a long way toward changing the perception of the Philly sports fan.

Traveling to D.C. for his predictably ugly homecoming is a great way to support your team’s star player. Critics pointed to Harper not signing with the Phillies earlier in the offseason because he didn’t want to play for Phillies fans, but after that show of support, he definitely chose wisely.


The AAF shutdown operations less than two months after the opening weekend. Just like most celebrity relationships, this was doomed from the start. And it’s no coincidence the league folded two weeks after signing Johnny Manziel. They brought that bad karma on themselves.

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