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High school player does the near-impossible, hits for home run cycle

A high school baseball player from Ohio did the unthinkable, he hit four home runs resulting in four different RBI totals.

We’ve seen major leaguers do just about everything possible in the record books. We’ve seen a player have back to back no-hitters. One player played in 2,632 straight games without missing one. Another player had a hit in 56 straight games, while another hit two grand slams in a single inning. 18 different players have hit four home runs in a single game, but zero did what one high school kid from Ohio just did.

According to Perrysburg High School Athletics, Luke Borer not only hit four home runs, but he also had the home run cycle. That means he hit a solo shot, a two-run dinger, a three-run jack and a grand slam. All in the same game. That’s insanity.

The game ended up with a final score of 22-14, so it was a game that clearly got away from everybody. However, the fact that this kid got the opportunity to do this is insane. I’m not a mathematician, but the odds have to be astronomical.

What’s even crazier is this kid never in his high school career hit a home run prior to this game. He must have had the adrenaline flowing after that first home run, and just went for it the rest of the game. He goes from zero home runs on the season, to four in a few hours time.

Borer is still a junior, so he has a full year to build off this mystique, but this is something he will remember forever. This is one of those stories grandpa tells his grandkids, but he has video proof.

Side note: the coolest part of that video is they treat every home run like it’s a walk-off winner.

Borer’s story went viral, and it deserves to. This is an incredible feat whether it’s MLB, minor leagues or high school. Good for the kid, and hopefully he gives us a reason to keep telling this story.

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