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Vladimir Guerrero’s video tribute to his son hits the feels

The great Vladimir Guerrero made a touching tribute to his son ahead of his MLB debut tonight, and it hits all of the feels.

Vladimir Guerrero sure knows how to hit us right in the feels, doesn’t he?

Maybe he wasn’t intended to when he made a touching video tribute to his sone, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., before his much-hyped MLB debut tonight in Toronto, but that was the end result, and now we’re all diving for the Kleenex box.

The video, which was shared by MLB’s twitter feed, shows he and his son through his playing years, both when he was a star with the Montreal Expos, and also when he was a critical bat with the then-Anaheim Angels. The video touches on a young Vladimir Jr., when it already seemed as if he developed the swing that would make him the most-hyped prospect today.

It showcased how Guerrero Jr. basically developed the same game as his Hall of Famer father, with Daddy Guerrero narrating the touching video, he explains how proud he is of his son, how hard he worked to get to this point, and how he can’t wait to be in the stands at Rogers Centre tonight to see his son take his first MLB at-bat against the Oakland Athletics.

The video is a touching portrait of the relationship Guerrero had with his son, and as much as the tribute made us all weep, it is also relatable to the thousands of fathers who have, or will soon see their sons play in the first ever professional game.

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That’s what gives Guerrero’s tribute the added emotional weight that will make it hard for anyone to keep their tears in check while watching it. While this will certainly be Guerrero Jr.’s night, for a moment, Big Guerrero made his presence felt, one last time.

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