Boston Red Sox

Red Socks, er Sox, move up the Trump misspelling rankings

We realize after 119 years, it’s sometimes hard to remember how to spell the name of one of the most storied teams in sports history.

On Thursday morning, the Trump Administration announced the World Series champions would be making their visit to the White House at 3:45 p.m. ET to meet with the president. There was just one problem, which has been a running theme in during Trump’s more than two years in office.

In keeping with other presidential foibles (Gerald Ford was mocked as clumsy and George W, Bush was the king of the malaprop). here’s a look at the biggest spelling gaffes of the Trump Administration:

9. Gotta keep ’em separated

OK, Trump is not the first (nor the last) person to misspell the word separate as seperate. Pretty much par for the course (get it, “par,” that’s a mnemonic for you folks out there).

8. The Core problem

The Commander-in-Chief and his administration have  a fairly consistent problem with homophones. In March 2018, he entertained the Marine Corps and then tweeted about the greatness of the Marine “Core.” Of course, anyone with a very good brain will know you want a corps of people to protect your inner core.

7. That damn autocorrect

As the Marine Corps mistake shows, sometimes he’s not great with proper names. Even if that person is relatively close to him, such as maybe his third wife:

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