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Yoennis Cespedes injury could lead to unprecedented New York shakeup

The latest injury to Yoennis Cespedes could lead to an unprecedented shakeup in the New York sports scene.

Yoennis Cespedes suffered ankle fractures after a violent fall at his ranch. The oft-injured Mets outfielder is the most expensive player in franchise history so this investment is going as well as getting involved with Bernie Madoff.

Mets manager Mickey Callaway is on the hot seat and could be out of a job soon. Look for New York Jets coach/general manager Adam Gase to get consideration for the job. Gase has no experience in baseball, but that didn’t hurt him getting the Jets interim GM job after winning a power struggle with ousted GM Mike Maccagnan.

Sources close to the situation indicate the Mets have grown increasingly frustrated with the Knicks, Giants and Jets dominating the back pages of the newspapers. The Mets are hungry to get make a bold move to get the spotlight back on them.

Hiring Gase is a guaranteed way for Mike Francesa to talk about the Mets and Jets at the same time. That’s called efficiency.

When pressed for comment, Gase said his only obligation is to the Jets but didn’t rule out destroying the Mets if the opportunity should arise.

“Never say never,” Gase said as his eyes darted across the room like a cat chasing the red dot from a laser pointer.

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