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MLB rumors: 5 players Yankees needs to trade for

The Yankees need to get healthy if they’re going to contend for a World Series title in 2019, but trading for one of these five players would also help.

Loads of Yankees stars are still missing time on the Injured List, but that doesn’t mean that general manager Brian Cashman is going to sit around and wait for his roster’s health to improve. Instead, expect the team to be very active ahead of July’s trade deadline.

Cashman won’t panic and make a deal from a position of weakness, but he also won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on a transaction that can increase the team’s chances of ending their World Series drought. Manager Aaron Boone doesn’t have many needs, but a key deal could tip title odds into his team’s favor. This piece examines five players the Yankees should target in this season’s trade market.

5. Mychal Givens

The Yankees already sport one of the strongest bullpens in baseball, but that won’t stop the organization from trying to add one more impact arm down the stretch. Lots of players will be available who can potentially fit that description, but Mychal Givens is one of the players most likely to move.

The Orioles won’t relish the idea of dealing another bullpen arm to the Yankees, but they’re not in a position to turn down young talent in exchange for their 29-year-old reliever. One decent prospect should be enough to convince Baltimore to part ways with their valuable right-hander.

Givens has been a bright spot for the struggling Orioles this season. His 2.75 ERA in 19.2 innings pitched shows how valuable he’s been as a setup man. The Yankees could use one more power arm to help give them a leg up over their American League rivals. Givens is just the sort of subtle acquisition the Yankees like to make down the stretch. Trading for him won’t get a lot of headlines, but it could win New York a crucial game or two in the playoffs.

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