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Jim and Pam Stanley Cup rivals, Frazier-Eaton feud, Juwan Howard-Jim Harbaugh similarities

Adam Eaton and Todd Frazier have serious beef with each other, Jim and Pam are at odds during the Stanley Cup Final and Juwan Howard vs. Jim Harbaugh.

Let’s play the feud

Adam Eaton and Todd Frazier had their rivalry renewed earlier this week. Frazier got in Eaton’s ear and he broke, because he has rabbit ears, and told him he’s above that because he’s a man, he’s got a mortgage. He almost pulled off a Mike Gundy, “I’m a man. I’m 40.”

Frazier replied, “Pay off your mortgage, I don’t know what to tell ya.”

I haven’t seen a fight about mortgages since I told Wells Fargo I wasn’t gonna pay mine on time.

Jim and Pam in a trial separation during Stanley Cup Final

Jim and Pam’s relationship will be put to the test during the Stanley Cup Final. The Bruins-Blues matchup pits John Krasinski’s Blues vs. Jenna Fischer’s Blues. The Office stars who might be America’s Favorite TV husband and wife this century. Are you Team Jim or Team Pam? It’s like picking between a new copier or a new chair. Where’s Michael Scott when you need him to mediate a compromise?

Can Juwan Howard do for Michigan what Jim Harbaugh hasn’t?

The similarities between Michigan hiring Jim Harbaugh and Juwan Howard are incredible. They are both campus legends, had successful professional careers and coached at the pro level. Both are billed for their ability to reconnect the past with the future and recruit at an elite level.

That’s where Michigan basketball fans should hope the similarities end.

Harbaugh has been fine at Michigan with a 38-14 record. But not one of those wins is vs. rival Ohio State. Howard wasn’t hired to lose to Tom Izzo and Michigan State. No pressure. All Howard has to do is replace the school’s all-time winningest coach, John Beilein, who led Michigan to a pair of title games in the last seven years. Yeah, good luck with that.

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