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Watch the worst first pitch in baseball history

Baseball has had its share of horrific first pitches, but the one this woman threw out at a Chicago White Sox game is probably the worst, ever.

We’ve been at the front row for our share of horrible first pitches, but none may be able to top what went down on the South Side of Chicago on May 28.

Throwing out the first pitch in a game between the Chicago White Sox and the Kansas City Royals, a woman (who hasn’t been identified) was selected to throw out the first pitch of the game.

With the cameraman to her left, and the catcher right there in front of her, all she had to do was toss the ball forward. Instead, the baseball took a funky left, straight to the cameraman.

Looking at the video, we’re going to rule that this poor guy didn’t have a clue that a baseball was hurling his way, and the baseball hit him right dead on the arm. We know he’s going to have a bruise from this “errant” throw, but what made it even more egregious was the reaction afterward.

Look, she had to have known that she hit the poor camera guy. She even did the Pedro Martinez “oh my God!” look up to the sky. However, she trotted off the mound, throwing her duces up and posing with the baseball like she actually accomplished something.

She did: performing the worst first pitch in baseball history.

For a while, 50 Cent held that title with this, whatever the world he thought this was:

Oh, and this wasn’t the first time a camera guy was beaned with a baseball on the first pitch.

Never forget Jordan Leandre:

But not even 50 Cent or Leandre can hold a candle to what this woman did in Chicago. She hit this camera guy at point-blank range, and that qualifies as the worst first pitch, ever.

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