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Cubs’ Albert Almora, Jr. overcome with emotion after foul ball hits child

Albert Almora’s foul ball struck a child on Wednesday night.

Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Almora hit a foul ball into the third-base stands in Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Astros, apparently striking a child.

Almora apparently was distraught, repeatedly calling out and appearing in agony. He went down to the ground and was being consoled by manager Joe Maddon. As some Twitter users mentioned, he seemed to react to the event much more like a father than like a baseball player.

Play has reportedly been stopped. The child was being attended to and was quickly removed from the area, presumably to be taken to an in-arena doctor or local hospital for medical attention. While such accidents have always been possible, and other tragedies have occurred due to foul balls in the past, this may be the first time a child has been injured by a hard-lined foul ball.

No further information about the child’s condition has been made available.

Fans everywhere will be hoping and praying for good news about this child, and that any injuries suffered are minor. Our thoughts are with the child, their family and Almora.

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