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5 realistic trades the Yankees can make for a starting pitcher

The Yankees passed on Dallas Keuchel in free agency, but they still need another starting pitcher. Here are five realistic deals Brian Cashman can make. 

If the Yankees want to win their 28th World Series title this season they need to strengthen their starting rotation. Many MLB executives believed free agent Dallas Keuchel would be the man to do that for GM Brian Cashman. The Braves’ decision to outbid New York will send the Yankees into the trade market for a high-quality starting pitcher.

The question isn’t whether or not Cashman will try to make a deal for a starter. Instead, it’s a question of how big a swing the Yankees front office will be willing to make. The team could benefit from adding some pitching depth, but the Yankees really need to add an ace who can help bolster their postseason rotation.

Pitchers of that quality are hard to come by. Fortunately for the Yankees, they have the assets to make a big deal if they are so inclined. The following five trades represent realistic options for New York to strengthen their championship credentials by adding a top-line starting pitcher. We start with a move for a player that’s been linked with the Yankees for quite some time.

5. Madison Bumgarner

The Giants are going nowhere in the NL West and need to add as much talent for the future as possible. Dealing Bumgarner to the Yankees for prospects could certainly help accelerate the rebuild in San Francisco.

Obviously, the fact that he’s due to hit free agency after this season is a major motivating factor for the Giants. That also means he could prove to be a rental for the Yankees. Don’t expect Cashman to break the bank to bring in Bumgarner unless he gets assurances that he’s willing to stay for the long haul.

Yankees Get

Madison Bumgarner

Giants Get

Clint Frazier, Chance Adams

There are also reasonable concerns about how much life is left in Bumgarner’s left arm. His 4.05 ERA this season isn’t going to be all that attractive to a franchise searching for a a playoff ace. Add it all up and this is not a deal where the Yankees are going to part with multiple, premium assets.

Look for the Yankees to make Clint Frazier the centerpiece of any potential Madbum deal. He’d give the Giants a massive upgrade over Gerardo Parra in left field. A move to a smaller market would also be perfect for the temperamental redhead. The addition of one more decent prospect is as high as Cashman will go. Chance Adams fits the bill. The Giants might shoot for bigger offers, but this is the best offer they can get from the Yankees. Don’t expect Bumgarner to call the Bronx home this season.

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