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Royals’ Martin Maldonado dons tie over chest protector for Father’s Day

Kansas City Royals catcher Martin Maldonado made a Father’s Day fashion statement in Sunday’s game against the Twins, sporting a light-blue tie.

A baseball game is an ideal way to spend a Father’s Day. A slow-paced sport, a couple of beers, perhaps some nice, sunny June weather — it’s everything a baseball fan father would want for his Sunday.

The Kansas City Royals did their own little tribute to fathers on Sunday, donning light blue caps for their game against the Minnesota Twins. But catcher Martin Maldonado gave the look his own spin, wearing a light blue clip-on tie over his catcher’s chest protector.

Ties are commonly-stereotyped gifts for Father’s Day, hence Maldonado’s sartorial choice. But a closer look at the tie shows that he’s sending more than just a “Happy Father’s Day” message:

There’s no word on who the people Maldonado is apparently appealing for someone to “pay.” But it’s certainly a clever way to send at least one message — in a team-approved Father’s Day colorway — on this holiday Sunday.

It may have brought him some luck, though. At this writing, Maldonado had three-at bats against the Twins, netting him two hits, a run and one RBI. As such, the Royals lead the Twins, 5-3, in the bottom of the seventh inning.

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Expect word from Maldonado after the game about the reason — beyond Father’s Day — for the tie being added to his uniform.

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